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       Laurels IPR Law Firm is a law firm established with professional service as our basis and the clients' value as our main objective. We persist in serving our clients with sincere and professional attitude.

     Besides providing professional law knowledge, our firm also actively participates in public service activities, such as judicial reformation, legal education, and compulsory legal service. In order to differentiate from other law firms' services, at the foundation of Laurels  we did not feel self-satisfied for only working on general litigation. In the contrary, because our members own business experiences and are familiar with the occurrence of company or individual legal issues, we realize many of these issues are caused by the failure of early planning and precautions, thus leading to dispute or litigation.

    Furthermore, Laurels technicians who are specialized in science and engineering are capable of providing proper professional planning for the industrial problem and the intellectual property that each company and enterprise are concerned. Thus, are able to provide complete scheme and guidance to cooperate with the company's development, regardless of the company's internal system control, production, sale, intellectual property right, and even plans for entering the market. What Laurels  look forward is to provide the clients a foresighted and superior professional service, and the clients may also strongly believe in Laurels  through our service. These are the supreme belief of Laurels development.




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